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Debunked! 3 Misconceptions about CBD Products You Almost Believed

The demand and supply of CBD products have been quite increased in the last few years. Well, vaping has become the newest thing in the block for sure. And, it is turning on people of all ages around the UK of course. However, like every other ‘controversial’ element on the face of this planet, rumours and misconceptions will never leave them alone. Unfortunately, the CBD oil in South Yorkshire we are delivering is not beyond those myths as well. Believe it or not, some people have also put their CBD products down driven by the misconceptions.

So, we believe that it’s high time for our customers to stay away from such misconceptions. Go through the following and learn about the common myths and of course the trust lying beneath.

#Misconception 1: There Is No Difference Between E-Juice and CBD Juice

Well, it is a false notion many people have. In reality, there is a whole lot of difference between these compounds. You may find out a lot of incidents being recorded in the internet showing how normal E-juice has caught fire because of the presence of nicotine content. However, the CBD vape juice in South Yorkshire we deliver does not possess any harmful chemicals. Instead, the juice is made of natural components that will prove to completely safe for your body. There is various flavoured CBD juice available that consist of pure CBD along with fruit extracts to make it more enjoyable to inhale.

#Misconception 2: Vaping CBD is Not Safe

Absolutely false! Rather, it is considered as the safest and most enjoyable experience. According to many of our users, inhaling CBD is actually the best way to have it. When CBD juice gets turned into vapour, it gets absorbed in our body much quickly. So basically, the one who is inhaling the vapour will realise its effects much faster compared to any other method. Also, as mentioned above, there are no extra harmful chemicals added to our CBD vape juice in Sheffield other than just pure CBD and some fruity extracts to give it some punch. So, basically, you will enjoy it thoroughly once you vape it.

#Misconception 3: CBD is Vaped to Get High

That is also a completely false notion you might have believed to some extent. Well, to be honest, CBD is nowhere close to marijuana or any other addictive elements that can get you high. Actually, there is a base for this myth. CBD vape juice in South Yorkshire is often compared to THC because of some similarities of components in both types of products. However, there is not a single intoxicating element present in CBD products where THC is full of it. THC consists of psychoactive compounds that immediately bonds with cannabinoid 1 (a receptor of the brain). This bonding creates a level of sensation in the brain which commonly considered as getting high. The inability of creating this sort of bond segregates CBD from the other ‘get you high’ products available in the market.


So, these were the three most spoken about misconceptions about CBD products talked about. To be sure about the harmless attributes of CBD products, it is recommended to go through our product ingredients and then invest for vaping and feeling safe.

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